Netflix finally adds support for offline viewing

Today the streaming service Netflix announced a new update that allow users to download and store movies and television shows on mobile devices for offline playback. Netflix made the announcement via its Twitter account and said, “Airplane mode. Road trip mode. Stuck-in-the-subway-for-20-minutes mode. Road Your favorite stories are now available for download any time.”

A new version of the Netflix app is being made available to Android and iOS devices today that supports offline playback. The feature does not cost extra to use. Competing services, such as Amazon Prime Video, have supported offline playback for some time.

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Instagram Introduces Live Video and Disappearing Photos

Instagram announced yesterday two new features for its mobile app that expand how people can share photos and videos on their network.

First, the social network is marking the debut of live video within Instagram Stories. Users can now broadcast live video to their followers through the Stories section of the app.

Followers may opt to receive notifications when people share live video, and live video will be visibly earmarked as such. People will be able to leave comments throughout the video’s duration, but live video is not stored or saved in users’ feeds.

Instagram says live video will be added to the Explore tab, too, allowing people to browse through live video that’s being shared from around the world. In a move to combat Snapchat, Instagram is now allowing users to send disappearing photos and videos through its Direct Message function. Ephemeral media can be sent to individuals as well as groups, and creators will know when their photo/video has been seen and/or screen-captured.

Once the content is viewed by the recipient, it disappears from the recipient’s inbox and cannot be replayed. Instagram says disappearing photos and videos can only be sent to people who follow you. Disappearing content shared with groups will allow members to all see comments and responses. Instagram says the live video tool is rolling out globally over the next few weeks, while the disappearing photo/video feature is reaching all users today. Instagram is free to download from the iTunes App Store.

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Apple to Charge $149 to Repair ‘Touch Disease’ Afflicted iPhones

Apple has launched a repair program for the iPhone 6 Plus to fix what has become called touch disease.

Apple has determined that some iPhone 6 Plus devices may exhibit display flickering or Multi-Touch issues after being dropped multiple times on a hard surface and then incurring further stress on the device.

If your iPhone 6 Plus is exhibiting the symptoms noted above, is in working order, and the screen is not cracked or broken, Apple will repair your device for a service price of $149.

Apple will contact customers who may have paid for a service repair related to this issue either through Apple or an Apple Authorized Service Provider to arrange reimbursement.

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The move to Fastmail

A week ago, I finally pulled the trigger and finally decided to transition from Gmail to Fastmail. For some time now, I wanted to have my own custom email at, instead of I want to have control over my email domain name and the flexibility that comes with it. I have been using Gmail for more than 10 years and it has been good to me. I have no issues with all the privacy talk online about Google, simply have nothing to hide on my inbox (hello feds). Just don’t like the idea of Google using my email as a advertising tool, to target ads my way.

Why Fastmail?

To begin with, Fastmail is easy to setup if you follow the instruction correctly, on top of that is easy to use, clean mobile and web interface. Before you sign up, you can try it free for 30 days here.


I wish I had done this sooner, but stubborn people are stubborn. Email is email, and it’s nice to have one less thing to actively worry about managing, so I went ahead and paid for two years upfront. It hasn’t been long, but the spam filtering is far better on Fastmail, and well so is having a support team to contact for fixes. Highly recommended.


We agree on the broad strokes, but the reason I choose to minimize Google’s access to me is that my balance of utility versus ethical comfort is different. Both companies do have flaws, but they’re different flaws, and I tolerate them differently.

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WhatsApp Video Calling

WhatsApp recently announced that it is enabling video calls for all users around the world. Video calling is being added to the Android, iOS, and Windows phone mobile apps over the coming days. With it, users will be able to make encrypted video calls to one another. WhatsApp said it developed the app such that the majority of phones and networks — not just the most expensive and strongest ones — can handle the video chatting client.

Today we’re excited to announce the next step in our efforts to connect people – WhatsApp video calling. In the coming days, WhatsApp’s more than one billion users can make video calls across Android, iPhone, and Windows Phone devices.

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Firefox update Focus for iOS

Today the web browser giant Firefox, update its content blocked app for iOS.

“Browse like no one’s watching. The new Firefox Focus automatically blocks a wide range of online trackers — from the moment you launch it to the second you leave it. Easily erase your history, passwords and cookies, so you won’t get followed by things like unwanted ads.

“Private browsing on most browsers isn’t comprehensive or easy to use. Focus is next-level privacy that’s free, always on and always on your side — because it’s backed by Mozilla, the non-profit that fights for your rights on the Web.”

Get the app via the App Store.

A New Start

Hello world! Welcome to my personal space on the Internet. I’ve been blogging since the early 2000’a here at and self hosted WordPress. The web has changed a lot in the last few years. At lot of people make the transition from a free site to a hosted site. Me on the other hand, going back to where it all begin. I just got tired of dealing with plugins and web hosting companies.

For now, I will continue blogging via the free domain:, nonetheless with time and as the readership grow, the site will transition to its own domain. The site focus will be random, the topis will alternate from the Web, Mobile, Email, Security and so on.

Until next time, stay tune.